Presidents’ Message

NEA-RA, Denver Colorado

July 2014

Barb Reilly and Judy Wiggins, Co-Presidents, traveled to the NEA-RA in Denver, Colorado in July.  The event was held at the Denver Convention Center and over 11,000 NEA members from all 50 states were in attendance!!  What an incredible and awesome event!
New NEA President-elect, Lily Eckelsen Garcia, was overwhelmingly voted in as the new NEA President-elect!  She will be a dynamic leader, fighting for our unions and navigating our profession through these perilous times!
Judy had the opportunity to speak to the huge crowd about how School Social Workers are primary mental health providers in school settings!
What an extraordinary learning opportunity!!  You can experience this, too!!  Please consider taking a leadership role in AEA!!  Please talk to one of the officers to find out more!  AEA Officers are:  Kathy Kovanich, Judy Wiggins, Karen Dertz, Leslie Guzzo, Vicki Otto, Jenna Tilton, Tom Nealon, Cindy Tremback, Lisa Johnson, and Sharon Sherman-Clark.


We are a great union, made up of dedicated people who work for one purpose, to provide the best services for our students. Thank you to all of our members and all your hard work. We look forward to the new year  and be assured we will continue to work diligently for AEA.



Negotiating Kick-Off Celebration

Negotiating Kick-Off Celebration


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